I Finally Made Money Online Part 2 !

Last Update: Jun 20, 2018

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Ok guys so I'm back just to be real and update some news on how I'm making money online and what I been doing to achieved so far and where I'm currently at.

So Screen shots first then I will explain my thoughts and what I'm going to do to scale it

So as you can see these are my results I've been a WA member for about 1 month now because I just got the bill a couple days ago lol so what I've learned so far is that this is all a very easy process I just over thought everything and made it really difficult.

And I see why I never made any money online I was always about the cell and never trying to actually gave any content, or feedback, or share my thoughts or give any advice or help to anyone.

The one thing the most important thing that I've learned more then the SEO, and all the marketing, and keywords, none of this is possible without the power of a network I appreciate you guys more then you realize I don't you personally but thank you to the WA community nothing but love and support here.

Ok so as you can see I have four different ways to get paid well five if you count WA but this is what I'm focused on growing are these accounts so we have the First one on the which is Rakuten, Amazon, Clickbank, and Google Adsense.

So As of today I got my first 2 sales on my amazon affiliate account when I get more details on that I will be sure to update it but it just happened so I have to wait to see the order details and everything now for google ad sense I have been getting clicks on that end and solar made 2.42 cent.

Only way to scale that is to just get more traffic to my website whether that be organically or paid I will be doing free SEO for now but as my earnings increase I will be investing in paid traffic.

Rakuten I have been getting impressions and starting to get clicks no sales yet, and then I have clickbank no sales there yet either so to answer anyone thoughts as to how I am doing what I'm doing its very simple I help people here network and give feedback, I comment and gave my thoughts on almost over 100 different websites here you all have amazing minds and I've learned some much just from reading other entrepreneurs work.

I look at websites now completely different now its funny and on how money truly works in life if you really start to think. I'm currently at the end of Level 3 training about to finish up my 11th article and get it published, finish the end of my level three training then before I start my level for training I will talk to and greet 100 new WA members that go premium and comment on 100 different websites in are community from the website comment section.

Then I will write another article and start level four training and what ever I learn there I will add it in add and have a new plan of action this is what I'm doing now and making money that's it simple right now I don't this all in one day but when I'm on my laptop this is where I'm at growing my business till it doesn't need me anymore and its ranked and completely making money on its own and then I will start to outsource hire a writer, and outsource someone to really make my website look all professional and just get more traffic and always helping and I will be successful.

And for the new guys http://otakuonlinegamer.com thats my website nothing crazy just a regular gaming new article with reviews and me just being me anybody can do this!

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Thanks for sharing! I got curious and checked out your website too! I think I should tell my son about it lol!

thank you for your kind words

Hey Buddy you are on the road, keep it up and wish you more success!!..

Thank you newlive!

That’s great



Thank you Angie

WOW! That's awesome! Keep up the work :)

Thanks Jess!

Congratulations. This is very encouraging and I wish you many success.

Thank you sir

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