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Last Update: Jun 15, 2018

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So I made my first .48 cent today off my google ad sense now I know this is nothing to brag about but I know you guys would understand a lot more than if I told a friend "hey bro I just made my first .48 cents online" they wouldn't understand the significance of what I'm really trying to do this .48 cent is the sign I need they fire has been lit this .48 cent will lead to 1 dollar to 5.00 to 100.00 and beyond the power of what we have and the support and training is amazing only been here not even a month on level 3 training with 83% of it done.

And just been taking Acton every single day I have 10 articles published 5 unpublished and been giving back to the WA by giving feedback and comments and answering questions when I can the # 1 thing I've learned since being here is that if you really want to make a lot of money and run a successful business you have to give back and help other people here succeed than you will to all I think about now is giving feedback helping other people on their websites give comments feedback and support and at the same time.

I get it in return and it's getting me ranked and lots of organic traffic and I know I got way more training going and much to learn it's taking me awhile going through the training but as soon as I learn something I apply it imminently lol ! (update I made a little more didn't realize this is only the beginning I made 2.42 cent.)

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Congrats that's awesome. It may be a little but we all start somewhere.

Yes we do thank you for your kind words

Good job, congrats!

This is awesome! Congrats on the success Demonte.

Great, congratulations. :)

Cool post - they say that the first million is the hardest :-)
I really like your attitude and mentality and I think this is the first of many successes.

Thank you very much for your Kind words DerekSmith

Hello Demon'te, well done, this is excellent news, I remember this happening to me, back in 2004! I was actually researching how to make money online back then and didn't have a moneymaking website, just a website for my off-line business. But I thought I would try adding AdSense to my website to see what happened, for this particular website, it wasn't really a good idea to have AdSense on their, but I just wanted to see what would happen and I did start making money, however the amounts were small, but it proved the point!

In 2007 I had my first moneymaking website and it actually started off an AdSense site although we quickly added additional ways to make revenue, however, I was making three figures a month regularly from Google AdSense, which was a good bonus in the early days and very simple to do.

Wishing you every success.

I am now following you.


Thank you very much Roybretton I'm lucky I found this community !

That's a good thing. Baby steps then giant leaps.

Yes as long as I invest time in this everyday I can't fail

The first penny should make a difference to anyone. You said it best in your post, the small amounts add up to larger amounts. I have only been on for 2 days and just finished Level 1, so I am not making anything yet, but I know the importance of watching your efforts pay off. I wish you continued luck in you endeavors and may you have all the success in the world!

Yes sir thank you for your kinds words and your in a good place the one thing I learned is you can't make money alone or with out a network

its definitely a positive change and will get better for you

Thank you Shweta10mg for your words!

Soon you'll be at 50 cents then really into the money!

haha yes I hope so soon!

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