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I joined Wealthy Affiliate in December 2014 and started my third website in January 2018. Independently, the opportunity has come with the Super Affiliate Challenge - which, of course, was a perfect timing. But I had to change something because my two previous websites were not successful.Mindset of a Winner or Loser?I started working on my mindset at the start of the new year. A mindset that is necessary to achieve the goals that I have in life. A very large part of this contributed to a book
So the first two weeks of the Super Affiliate Challenge are over, and I'm still passionate about it ... LOL The timing of the Super Affiliate Challenge is perfect - at the beginning of the year, I decided to start my third overall website, re-run the Affiliate Bootcamp and learn from previous experiences.Then Kyle's mail came over the SAC and I was hoping to be chosen. Well, the first two weeks went very well, I wrote a couple of blog posts, created a logo (which may not be the final logo) and
August 22, 2016
Wow, my date of register here on WA was the 29th of December, 2014. Time flies! After a promising start here I lost my focus. Not the focus on making online, just the focus on Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe I thought, building a website with content, writing blogs, finding the right keywords...would take so much time. I am honest, I was looking for the "Making Money Fast" formula.I tried a few things, a few systems, followed people which have had success in the online marketing business. But at the e
February 08, 2015
So here I am, nearly one month after I became premium. Today I make lesson 10 in course 2 and I can confirm what I said one month ago. I really love it here, the courses are awesome, the community is great. Sometimes I needed help and got some, on the other side I was able to give someone help - and that is a great feeling :) Day after day, ok to be honest not daily, I am sitting in front of my computer in the evening and try to learn everything what I get. Today I have my first own website (Ho
January 14, 2015
Wuhu!! I upgraded to Premium and I am very excited and willing to work (nearly) every day to have success. To reach my goals and to help other people to reach their goals. The next weeks I really have to learn much things but I am looking forward to that! It feels like that I am back in school but at this time, I am enjoying it ;-) Lots of love to all the WA community! Daniel