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My name is Allan. I currently work as an Insurance Agent for a mid-sized agency.

My passions are investing, interior design, architecture, and helping my youngest daughter follow her dream as a performing artist. (Feel free to check out her U-tube account :-) I included it in our website area!)

Before finding W/A I started building a website to teach other insurance agents how to market and expand their business.

Since joining I also opened another website on the W/A platform about financial planning and to use as a practical testing ground to implement the tutorials available here.

My goal is to earn enough RESIDUAL income from niche marketing to replace my current income and teach others on entrepreneurship.
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GaiC Premium

Thanks for the follow. I hope it works out for you here and you find what you need.

The WAbinars are a great tool to get you started. Jay does them every week either Friday night or Saturday morning depending where you are in the world. They are recorded so you can watch them later too :)

Browse through the training tons of great resources there. Live chat to get involved and questions answered.

There is a community of people here willing and ready to help you. If you need help just sing out.

Good luck

Hi GaiC,

thanks for the kind word.

Take care.

BIS Premium
Hi Allan

Thanks for not being offended by my comments. Just to add to the points I was making. The first things that people look on a website is images and headlines. Only 16% of people actually read every word on a page. So first impressions are really important. At the moment you don't have any images on the specific page I mentioned and I would add them when you can. So it is the headings they will look at - and that's my problem. It's not your words - they're great, but instead of me thinking that it's easy, I think I'm looking at a site aimed at kids and so I would immediately bounce off the page. But you're right to get the views of some others. I'm only one person. If you want some quick views - I would ask in the Live Chat..
Hi Beverley,

Thanks you for your thoughtful input. I never thought about it from your perspective. I will certainly take your advice and take the time to build a consensus.

BIS Premium
Hi Alan
Thanks for the follow - welcome to WA. I hope you don't mind I looked at your site insuranceisez. I'm always curious. I know you didn't ask for my opinion, so I hope that you'll forgive me for putting my oar in.

You already have some very valuable information on your site which people in your niche will find very useful.

There is however, one thing which I believe is currently spoiling it and that's your use of colour on the comic sans headings and the use of colour to highlight points. This is a personal view - so please feel free to ignore it.

The multi colour heading in that font makes it look childlike and doesn't match the great content. If you're going to use colour to highlight points - then I would stick to 2 colours on a page - not 3. You have purple, green and red and then add that to the multi coloured headings and it is a bit overwhelming http://insuranceisez.com/basics.html

Hope you don't mind me mentioning it.

Best wishes

Hi Beverly,

I DO appreciate your opinion!

I am very new at building websites and this one I started before I ever heard of WA. I haven't attempted to rank my websites so you may very well be my first visitor :-)

The reason for the childlike font is to give the impression that anyone can run an agency IF they follow simple steps.

I'm a firm believer in simplicity. "If you can't illustrate it with a crayon it's too complicated".

Although I want the font to look childlike to illustrate simplicity you may have a very valid point.

If anyone else who happens to read this post would like to chime in please feel free to do so.

Better yet, check out my daughter's U-tube channel. Her singing is much more entertaining!

Thanks again Beverly!

neilclues Premium
Thanks for the connection Allan
Kyle Premium
Hello there! Would just like to introduce myself. I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and I am here to help you out if you ever need anything or need to be pointed in the right direction. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you need help as there are a ton of awesome people here within the community. :)

See you around!
Thanks Kyle,

I'm amazed at how many people have already responded!
Kyle Premium
I think you will come to find that it is an awesome community here at WA Allan! I look forward to working with you and please do let me know if you need anything along the way.