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Recently I had one of my Wordpress sites lock up with an error message. I was updating the plugins that are installed on the site. I had 5 that needed updating so I did a bulk update. The first two no problem. Then it got to Jetpack and I waited and waited and waited. No success. Then I tried changing the window, and it would not let me into any other area of the website. I closed the window hoping everything would shut down, then I could log back in. Nope! The visible part of the site just ga
Canada Anti Spam Legislation CASL comes into effect on July 1st, 2014 CASL is designed to help reduce spam in Canada but dramatically affects anyone doing business in Canada or from Canada. Click here to be taken my updated email question where I outline what I have learned so far. The law is far reaching and you need to be prepared. For some there will be little that they have to do to comply with this new law. Anyone who scrapes email addresses without consent is in for a big wake up. Penalt
Further government reading on some interpretations of the new act that goes into effect on July 1st. FAQ regarding the act, government answers Compliance and enforcement regulation. The actual law Section 6: is the most important to email marketing. In a nut shell Canadian companies need "Expressed Consent" to co
CASL or the Canada Anti Spam Legislation affects anyone who operates a business in Canada especially anyone who uses email or text messaging for commercial purposes! Now I am no expert on this legislation and I am looking to learn from people that are more informed than I am. First The actual legal text is here: The governments overview is here: The following is a "Survival Guide" cr