You Can't Have The Thought Without The Word

Last Update: June 22, 2020

Have cut down my posts to the community because I felt it was like preaching to the choir. Then I realized it was just being lazy, and if it was important, and I thought it might help someone, than I have an obligation to write it down and post it. If anyone finds it beneficial I've passed it forward.

It is only through the words we use that the skeleton of our truth can be seen. We might think we are saying and thinking one thing, but using the wrong word says something else.

Are you confident or being arrogant? When does care free become frivolous? Are you contending or competing? I thought it courageous, you called it reckless. Was I educated or just cleverly persuaded. Are you being candid or calculating?

It's more than just being a cup half full versus a cup half empty type of person, it goes much deeper than that. The words we use are how we interpret our reality and manifest it. Are you a Black Magician or a White Magician in the words you use. Are you using power words or force words and do you realize the difference? The power these words have on yourself and others is what makes them magical.

Mother always said I was gifted, Dad just called it lucky.

The word we think and use to ourselves are actually more important than the words we say to others. The hardest habit to break is Negative Self-Talk.

I thought it I was spontaneous you called me impulsive. When I thought I was relying on you, you saw it as a sad pathetic dependency.

Use the right words to yourself and others and you'll be amazed at the difference.

Don't call me cheap, show me how to be thrifty. Know what I mean?

As always, thanks for visiting. Dave

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JohaneG Premium
This is great.
DBCrist Premium
It's about being aware of your thoughts at all times.
LMH1968 Premium
Excellent advice thank you very much for sharing
DBCrist Premium
we are so sensitive to words people use