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Just got my website, uploaded with a link to my first blog CLOUDZEYE. Is this a good name for a website about living in a mobile home park? No? I don't think so either. I registered the name in 2001, long before anyone ever mentioned "keywords". Hence no connection to my niche of choice, Living Mobile Home Style. Cloudzeye. Will this error mark the site for certain doom? WILL THIS EVEN MATTER? Please tell me. I have no clue
February 05, 2013
Second try to add image of SEO fingers are crossed.
Good News!!!Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About SEO is now out in Paperback. The 2 Gig eBook will be out soon.
Found this image, perfect for Wealthy Affiliate which has so many resources to use.The only glitch is it came from a mailing list and does not credit the original artist.Can we use the images on our websites and blogs? How do we credit them?
January 23, 2013
Published my first Squidoo Lens today. Must have a million mistakes as it seemed much harder than expected. However, it got a green check and has a URL. For a first time, that's enough for me.Next time it will be fun!!!Thank you WA and Potpiegirl for all your help and encouragement. The expertise is all yours, the mistakes all mine. :-)Again. Thank you.
January 15, 2013
Have you ever noticed that when a word you don't know shows up, suddenly it is everywhere? There is a word new to me, Nork, which none of the dictionaries seem to agree on what it means. Anybody know what Nork means? Is it a bad word? It does have four letters, can I still use it in mixed company?AuthoritiesThere are some slang and jargon dictionaries on the internet, besides the ordinary English Dictionary such as Websters unabridged. Urban dictionary ( is alway
January 03, 2013
Yippee!!! Yay!!! Hurrah!!! Amazon just notified me of my first sale on a review. :-) So happy I had to share. This isn't instant millions, but the boost to morale is HUGE!!!Thank you Kyle and Carson, and everyone else who has encouraged and helped. Thought everyone should know. Wealthy Affiliate really works. I have been here since December 12, 2012 to all who just arrived and wonder how long it takes to show some progress. Just follow the instructions. Easy Peasy.
Don't Sell What They Can Get For FreeMy mama told me that when I was a little girl. Totally different context, same principle.I'm trying to figure this out as I write text for the $50 beginners project.So what are we holding out for in Internet Marketing? “The Secret Ingredient?” An infallible winning formula? A hypnotic website, “You must do my bidding. Click zee ggrreen button” Or what?Is that the whole secret in a nutshell? Whatever it is th
32" AK47 SWAT Team Assault Rifle Machine Gun Toy with Light Scope & Shooting SoundsPeople buy toy guns for Christmas presents. The replicas and BB guns look extremely realistic. Do we offer them on our websites?If Amazon offers it, do we sell it?Just wondering.
Doing the Wealthy Affiliate training looks like doing many things all at the same time. We are supposed to write blogs, design websites, learn some IM jargon (what's the difference between a Domain name, a website and a URL anyway?), join Twitter and Facebook, make lots of new friends, take in a Webinar, upload everything and read enough material to put The Congressional Record to shame. That doesn't even include starting Level 2 training.How is this even possible?Break it down.Start wit