Out for a week!

Last Update: May 06, 2014

Last week we had to move in to a new house, with all the mess and craziness that comes with a move in process I couldn't get in to WA for this time until today that we are more settle and finally have the internet going.

It's amazing how I have learned from all of you, having a community that supports you while you are learning is great. Please guys don't get bored with my posts! they will be on their way again and as you know all the feedback is accepted. Thank you again and I missied my training and my community!

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marsgram Premium
Happy you are through with your move, that's definitely time consuming. I have been off for a few days for different reasons and am sooo happy to be back too!
davidslc2010 Premium
Yeah it feels really nice to be back at doing what you like!