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Last Update: September 20, 2017

It has been a while since I've been active and helpful within the Wealthy Affiliate community. I am going to change that.

The truth is, I've been busy working on other things online and offline. It's summer time (almost fall) in Tennessee and I try to spend every minute I can outside.

Between working in and around the house, taking care of kids, cutting grass, working on my websites, providing customer support and coming up with new ideas, there isn't much time to be active here at WA.

I'm always busy doing something and whenever I finally get some free time, I usually go ride the motorcycle. That's when I have time to clear my mind and just ride. It's usually when I come up with a new idea.

That's not what I wanted to talk about.

I never actually left Wealthy Affiliate. I did quit paying for 4 months a while back (between October and January). I simply couldn't afford it and I wasn't making much money at the time.

After I quit paying for the Premium membership, I made some changes to my websites not hosted at WA, and I finally started making more money.

I actually wrote an e-book and I sell it through ClickBank. I'll create a post about that soon and share my experiences. I did more than write an e-book, but it was the main thing that I did to increase my income.

When I could finally afford to pay for Premium membership, I came back to Wealthy Affiliate. I needed somewhere to host my blog websites and WA is the best place I personally know of to do just that.

I've been consistently paying since Feb. 2017 and I don't plan on leaving WA anymore. I'm going to be doing the exact opposite.

I am going to start being more active and helpful and promoting WA a WHOLE LOT more than I already am.

I even ordered 500 business cards the other night to promote WA around town. Again, I'll share my experience with that very soon. I'm hoping for the best.

There are a lot of people at WA that could use my help, and I am willing and able to help.

So, if you need or want my help, you can leave a comment down below or send me a personal message and I will get back to you very soon.

I'll try and be helpful in the live chat as well.

To Conclude, I am starting over here at WA. I'm not starting over with my websites, just here within the community. This will mainly benefit my referrals.

I deleted all 5 of my old useless blog posts here at WA and I am going to start being active again. I want my blog at WA to be a place where I can share my day to day experiences and I want to create posts or training to help benefit my Referrals. It won't be everyday, but I will try and post often, when I have time.

That's all for now. I'll try to be active very soon.

Thanks for reading!

- David Pate

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MKearns Premium
Refreshing is allowed David. Good on ya!
davidpate20 Premium
Thanks Michael!
I think everybody needs to take a break and come back better than ever.
Take care!