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Last Update: November 27, 2013

Hiya affiliators,

Just checking in. Hmmm, you might be asking, Whats up with the title?

Well I, for the life of me, do not understand why when people signing up the are not using the www.siterubix.com offer. I mean. When you sign up, You get 2 ,not 1, but 2 free wordpress website and hosting.


Not only are you getting the sites free but your getting the training to put the websites up in under 30 seconds. Plus training on building a business. Oh did I forget to mention that it was FREE.

If you go through the training, Kyle shows you how to search for keywords for Free. Did I just say Free again. You'd think that i was doing keyword counts like in the old days.

They even offer you 30 keyword searches Free. Plus the Own and Operate Jaaxy.com and another 30 free keyword searches.

Well, Getting back to what I'm saying. Ok so you get the 2 website, and the hosting, and the training, and the linking did I forget something? Oh yeah Kyle shows you an online affiliate marketing business model you can build quickly for....... FREE.

Not only are you getting all that but the guy puts all the keywords that is related to the business model. Here WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Starting Your Foundation (PHASE 1)

& Here Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate You have to sieze opportunity otherwise it will be gone and you'll be left to wonder if you did everything you could or start the blaming game. Any way I listed some the keywords that Kyle had posted. Most of these keywords are available with the siterubix. For instance keyword plus siterubix.com. If you happen to take any as your site please let us know so I can take it off. That way no one is wating time doing long keyword searches on Kyles list.

Here there Are

How to build a website in 30 seconds (could leverage the video here at WA)

How to get a free website online

5 Things you should know about SEO and your website

How to install your own domain (and outline the path to do this with WA)

An explanation of how websites work (DNS, domains, etc)

How to get your website indexed in Google

How to prepare your website for Search Engine Optimization

How to add Youtube videos to your website

How to build a free wordpress website

Adding images to your website

Building Websites

Keyword/Market Research

Scam Alerts

Getting Help With Your Business

Motivational Techniques

Different types of jobs online

Keyword Research

Local Marketing

Writing Content / Authoring

Ways you Can Work From Home

Making Money

Work From Home

Internet Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

PPC Marketing

Email Marketing

Entrepreneur Programs

Website Marketing

Local Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Twitter marketing

Facebook Marketing

Linked In marketing

Google Adwords

Google content network

MSN Adcenter


Data Entry

Home Business

Search Engine Optimization

Article Marketing

Getting Rich Quick

Become a Millionaire

Search Engine Marketing


Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Networks

Trust me there's more. Just get your free website and start learning to earn.

Thanks for stopping by,


All Questions and Comments Welcomed Suggestions are appreciated. Don't forget if you snatch any of these up as your free domain name let us know or if you have suggestions or if you have your own Post it here so we can make comments on your site.

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greenwoodtam Premium
How long is free website free if I premium? I want to build my site then pick domain name then transfer over and then publish my site. My reviews will be my weekly post as I add to my blog for visitors. That way I know if I should take a company back off my suggestion list. Since my niche is covering a lot of info like a directory I want to choose name last. Does that make sense lol. I have two other sites going on bought domain, that I post to regular that I want to get indexed in google but this other one is my passion and I want to take it slow cause it so much info. So, how long is it free if i premium.
bnaylor Premium
Hi Tammy... If I understand your question correctly... as long as you are a Premium member here at WA you can use WA Hosting to publish websites at no additional cost to you...The can be either sites where you are using your won purchased domain names or Siterubix sites, where you would use a the siterubix.com domain, plus whatever name you choose... for example [mysitename.siterubix.com]... For SEO purposes and ongoing continuity... having domains you own is by far and away, the best route to go...

Did I understand your question correctly? Is this the information you were looking for?... Bryan
greenwoodtam Premium
yes thank you truly your friend- Tammy
Denverlowe Premium
The free site is always free, but you'll get more of them with the premium membership. You'll also be able to purchase your own domain with a premium membership and it's just $10 a year.
I hope this helped
greenwoodtam Premium
Thanks and yes your friend - Tammy
JoeFlow267 Premium
The me of yester-year would have given up at lesson 6. Today because my mind's in a better place I'm prepared to put in the hard yards.

I first learned of affiliate marketing 7 years ago. Downloaded an ebook that gave instructions on keyword searches, finding your niche, etc. Similar info to what's available here but no support network. Motivated by making a quick buck I had no substance to back me up.

Today it's a matter of survival. So in effect it's taken me 7 years to get myself sorted.
DavidCortez Premium
Congratulation on keeping control of your new awareness. It takes time for change to occur and I'm happy to see it take place in you. Thank you for your comments and sharing with us.