Home Sweet Home

Last Update: January 05, 2021

Well we are now back home after our 11-day adventure to the north.

we came back after spending a night at our eldest flat in Brussels and then another night in Orleans, which are very different places. Last night we just binge watched tv, mainly Eastenders, Trent & Allie and Nomadic Movement, and a good nights sleep.

We have been so fortunate to have moved to France from the UK and we know that the UK is definitely not the place to be at the moment.

Amsterdam was great and we will be going back when conditions improve. But we are more than content sitting in our little farmhouse with the log fire blazing away.

I have been on WA today reading some fantastic posts about what members are going to do this year and what goals they are setting.

It is a real privilege to be able to have insight into future plans and U wish everyone the best for 2021.

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APersinger Premium
Glad to see you made it home safely and healthy. Enjoy your little farm house in the country Dave. It sounds lovely.
Newme202 Premium
Dave, it sounds like you had a fantastic holiday.
Now you're back to work now.
Only1Hugh Premium
Glad you are safe and sound Dave. That Tier 5 lockdown seems like serious stuff in the UK. I hope things will settle down with wider roll out of the shots.
SylviaChrist Premium
Great, you are home, Dave! Are you living in the Normandie? I love France, and I understand you. Orleans is a nice city; I have been there. Now, enjoy your fire, your beautiful home! Welcome home!:)
jghwebbrand Premium
Welcome back from what sound to be great travels. Glad you were safe.

Yes, it is wonderful too read all of the blogs people have left in the past two weeks. The information keeps growing and growing.

We wish you much success in 2021.
DaveBuckley Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. It's good to be back and the whole trip was quite tiring.
Good luck for the year