Conformity is the death of creativity

Last Update: January 25, 2019

Earlier today whilst walking down a busy street, I noticed that many of the stores that I passed looked very much the same. They all had similar colours and most had layouts that looked almost identical.

On the drive home I passed a few different mobile maintenance businesses and noticed that nothing really set these businesses apart either.

Business name's, signage and uniform all looked textbook.

What's different between these businesses? Why would I choose one over the other if they all look the same?

Conformity is the death of creativity and will kill your business

A farmer once was out in his pumpkin field farming one day. He noticed on the ground a small odd shaped glass bottle, he bent down and poked a small young pumpkin inside.

Months later the farmer was out harvesting his pumpkins and once again saw the bottle. Inside he noticed that a pumpkin was inside in the exact shape of the bottle.

Moral of the story? If we are not careful we could be just like this pumpkin.

Unfortunately majority of people are out to copy each other. Where is the creativity and the desire to be different?

The fact is that most businesses go out of business within the first 5 years or even sooner.

Why we conform maybe because we have been groomed from a very young age to copy each other. Children copy each other in the school yard, teenager's copy each other's fashion's and mannerisms, adults copy work and performance standards within their jobs

If only people understood the power of being creative and standing out as being different, they would definitely succeed in life

Im thankful that what we have here at Wealthy Affiliate is unique and allows us to be creative and ourselves. We don't need to conform to earn money through our websites.

When choosing a niche, building out a website, writing content, remember..

Be you, be creative, work hard and follow your dreams


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MBartley Premium
Hi Dave great post. Being creative has other advantages as well, like keeping Alzheimer's disease away. Studies show number one best preventive medicine for all types of dementia, keep your brain active! (WA medicine for the Brain)
Thank you for the post.

alan47 Premium
What a great way to encourage us to better things. Surely we are all created to be ourselves in a positive way, without being selfish or self-centred. Thanks for sharing.
Bizzygal Premium
Great post, Dave! Here's to Kreeaytivity!
DaveAsprey Premium
AlexEvans Premium
So many folks are trying really hard to become parrot's.

A great reminder, Dave, we should all strive to create a point difference.

I have to agree with you, the knowledge and resources here in WA do give us the opportunity to be creative.

DaveAsprey Premium
Thanks Alex. True indeed.
Kind regards