Woo hoo!

Last Update: November 27, 2015

WOOHOO....Here we are nearing the end of 2015.

What an an incredible year!!!

Did you achieve the goals you set out for the year (How many of us even remember what we purposed for 2015 lol)? Were you close, or did they get swept aside in the torrent that is the tyranny of the urgentt...leaving you to wonder if ground can ever be made on the goals and aspirations we have for ourselves and loved ones?

Reflect or not, here we are another year older, we like to say another year wiser...but are we?

Everyone one of us is ever changing. Have we succumbed to being swept away and worn down by the relentless river of time? Or have we recognized that we ourseles have the power within us to can change the course of the direction our life takes and ultimately transform the world around us.

Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Edison, Devinci, Tesla, Mozart, Shakespear, Dicken's, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Marconi, Mandela, Beethoven...

Air breathing, blood pumping human beings whose lives well lived have shaped the lives we live now!

How different will this time next year look because of the purposeful decisions made to transform ourselves? Every day is another opportunity of incredible potential and it is gifted to each and everyone of us.

We hope you will join us in purposefully deciding to live life differently, starting right now.

To Success and the awesome journey getting there :)

David and Catherine Moore


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I love that.
daveandCath Premium
Awesome...thanks so much for the amazing comment. It really means allot. If you wanted to go to our website www.transformingtoday.com we would love to have you visit.
Have an incredible day.

David and Catherine