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Cupping therapy is not a treatment that has just showed up on the scene. People have been practicing cupping therapy for around 2500 years. The scientific name for this treatment is Myofascial Decompression.I first became aware of cupping therapy a couple years ago, and didn’t give it much thought. Then here come the Olympic Games in Rio. I noticed a gymnast on the USA team had these circular marks on his shoulder. I thought, I wonder if these marks are a result of cupping. My answer came
How baby boomers retire compared to how our parents did it, is like comparing night to day. One reason for this is that we boomersBoomers with decisionscame from a different place than our parents did. Our parents lived through the Great Depression. Shoot, at one time they didn’t have two nickels to rub together. Consequently our parents have learned to be conservative with the way they spent money. We boomers, on the other hand were born into a time when the economy was booming, and we l
Dancing is a very good exercise for baby boomers. It goes without question that we boomers need to exercise if we want toBoomers letting their hair downmaintain a good quality of life during our golden years. Exercising can be a task or a pleasure. If we have been involved in a formal exercise program, when we were younger, continuing a exercise program during our retirement years should not be a problem. That’s because we are used to exercising for a specific period of time, two or three
How baby boomers can be protected from fraud. Isn’t it true that everyone needs to be alert to those people who make their living byVery typical Boomersrelieving us of our money in a fraudulent manner? Unfortunately being vigilant concerning fraud has become a fact of live. Also, many times graduating from the School of Hard Knocks is the way we learn how to protect ourselves from fraud.Now that baby boomers are retiring all kinds of legitimate goods and services are being developed to ca
How to Enjoy Life After Retirement – Have Something to Retire toBy darrell dickinson | February 18, 20160 CommentOfficially retiredIt’s important, we have to have something to retire to. Life does not end, or even start its downward journey when we retire. Quite the opposite, it is predicted that if we retire at 65, we still have as much a 30 years of life left in us. When we retire, we will no longer be punching the timeclock five days a week. But we still need to have a purpose in
Baby boomer options, regarding staying in shape. It is said that, when comparing the physical condition of the previous generationexercise is funwith the boomer generation, that previous generation, at age 60, was in better shape than the boomers are at the same age. I think that another survey should be taken at age 70. Boomers have the opportunity to improve their physical condition, where the condition of the previous generation is already in the books.History of Boomer FitnessThis is a subje
What Baby Boomer want from politicians, and the politicians need to pay attention.I Promise You EverythingBaby boomers are reaching retirement age at a rate of 10,000 per day. By the year 2030, boomers are going to be 72 million strong. That well represent 20 percent of this nation's population. That is a block of votes that no elected official can ignore. Not if they want to be reelected after their first term.FamilyBaby boomers have become very family oriented. It was once believed that boomer
Silver Tsunami, yet another description that boomers have inherited, andit is appropriate, since 10,000 boomers are reaching retirement age each day. When we think about a Tsunami, a large wall of water comes to our minds. What is even more important is the effect that the wall of water has on the people who find themselves in the path of that wave.Silver Tsunami is the wave of human beings who are retiring day after day, month after month, and year after year until 2030. This wave of retiring
When I think about one of the times in my life was when I had the most fun was inHigher learning on the quadcollege. That was when I was old enough to know right from wrong, and brave enough, or foolish enough, whichever the case may be, to push the envelop in an effort to have a much fun as possible. Since I had so much fun back in the day, is it possible that same environment of higher learning, could be a good place to retire?If you are among the boomers who are enjoying life living in the h
Working after retirement could be a fact of life for many baby boomers. Need I mention that 10,000 boomers are reaching retirement age each day.Since boomers are suspected to live 10 to 20 years longer than previous generation retirees, many boomers are not prepared to remain retired for that long.There are other reasons why boomers are not ready to retire. To mention a few. For health reasons boomers may have had to retire sooner than they wanted to. Maybe they have been laid off and they are h