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Last Update: March 09, 2018

Hi everyone. Well I started my new website about 3 weeks ago and I must say it is coming along well. It took me a little while throughout this whole process to understand the whole niche thing and trying to come up with some topics. But I think I finally did. I am quite proud with how far my website has come in such a short period.

I put the work into it though and I finally think I am on the right path. I still need to learn how to utilize being able to sell things on my website that I hand make from recycled materials. But I'm sure that will all come. I am just glad that I have my layout somewhat there.

My niche is on recycling and reusing to recreate. In other words I make things from things most people would throw in the garbage.

I purchased my own domain and actually went a step further from some info I got from a training from someone about buying the .net and .org domains as well. It prevents someone else from purchasing your name and may sound like you if they do on the internet. It is supposed to bring you more traffic so people don't get lost finding you.

My site actually was found from somewhat outside of WA that left me a comment within 2 days after a post I published and that was exciting. I probably got over excited LOL!

Within the next month or so I hope to actually be able to display my hard work and see if I can sell some of my things and hopefully bring inspiration to others along the way. Recycling to me is a big deal and it's a big deal even more so for our children and grandchildren.

Within the next 6 months my goal is to be making at least a part-time income. I know it's gonna be a journey but loving it so far. I really am glad I found WA!

Best of wishes to everyone here!


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success to you i am also looking at offerinfg isight into product people might feel inclined to buy through my affiliate site.