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Last Update: April 25, 2018

I will use this blog as my journal, I have been talking with coaches because I feel really lost lately on what I want to accomplish in my life. I know that my goal is becoming a billionaire, but in order to do that, I need to change few habits and work on it! I do think this is a great way to start, and not only that, I want to also focus in my passion that is marketing and sales, I think this program will help me getting new tools and strategies, my goal will be helping people finding a piece of happines. Lets see how it goes...

In my journal/BLOG, I want to say 3 things i feel blessing for:

Today at work, lots of people smiled at me.

While listening to Tony Robbins podcast today, he made me realize that life is not just about me, and that true happines is making others happy

I went for a run and was fantastic!! found one of my favorite bunnies (Bush Bonnies) and made me realize that I am leaving my dream of been in the country I always wanted to be

Anyways, lets see how all this goes.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Danna, a good move coming to WA, it is an excellent place to learn the skills we need to create that positive online presence.

The community is so supportive.

The only difference between a billionaire and you is that they have sold way more products or services, so great goal all the best.