stumbled but im right back up again

Last Update: August 08, 2017

So yesterday I came across some information by a fellow WA which was a great eye opener (Thanks) At first my stomach dropped and then panic took hold!

This is the link if you want to check it out

I don't do well with stress and especially when I feel I have done something wrong or might hit a problem so as you can imagine I was a little on edge. so I deleted any images I had used that were not mine. After that I reached out to people I felt I can trust on WA and also asked questions on where to get images. As always the support of WA has been amazing and I'm again rebuilding all my pages with new images.

I took this opportunity to think how many be the images I use need to be for creative so I have decided to do so crafty things to take pictures of and use (no copy right problems for def!) This was my plan in the end but this info has encouraged me to do this sooner to protect myself.

As I was about to submit my website for feedback before this it did put a spanner in the works but I think in the endit will have a more personal feel and also its giving me more chances to be creative (wish I love!)

My main reason for the post was to say THANKS again to everyone who has helped me. To all those in live chat, pm and that replies to my question.

Keep being amazing and love life :)

Update: training gives great ways to this aswell.

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Carol46 Premium
The support here at Wealthy Affiliate is quite amazing. This is how we learn too by making mistakes :)
MKearns Premium
Loes' great Rosetta Stone site provides anything you ever need to keep your balance and then some Danielle. Saved in two places!
RHBarlow Premium
We all stumble and fall but we have to get right up and do it again.
A baby would never learn to walk if after falling once never tried to walk again.
We don't do anything if we haven't failed.

We do have a great support group here at WA when that happens.
Daniiket Premium
Yeah def! an amazing support network here in WA. Total lifesaver for me so far and I'm sure for many times to come :)