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July 21, 2018
I am writing today to celebrate some news with you all! I have made my first sale! I made a commission of $3.46, its not much but it is my first commission and this makes me excited for the future! But right now, I am going to celebrate because thats what we need to do! Celebrate the small wins, helps you to remeber to enjoy the process of it all :) I want to thank WA and the commuity for being there in my times of struggle and many, many questions haha. Also to those who left me great comments
Hey Guys! So this is my first blog and I just want to start off saying that Wealthy Affiliate has been amazing with the support thats available, the training is so easy to follow with Carl and the encouragement is every where :) My original idea was to create an online store called The Earth Co. that sells all things environmentally friendly such as biodegradble items, things that are reusable, vegan or palm oil free. I had no idea how to get this started, when I was looking online I was overwh