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So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Blessings to all ..... and good night now, cause ...Here comes Santa Claus... You know that guy with the little helpers - like pretty much everyone at WA - especially Kyle and Carson - who brought us together.
Hi Everyone, I would like to start a discussion thread here on WA. It seems from the search box that this is the way to do it - by writing a blog post. So here goes...I am just looking for suggestions and ideas for my info and I figured other people would probably have questions that they would like to know about as well. I would just like to discuss the pros and cons of the questions.Best Advice From Experiences at Building WebsitesQuestions to respond to:What is your best Advice of the best t
I recently had some upsets and posted to try to get re-motivated and back on track. The people of Wealthy Affiliate responded in a really wonderful way. They all reminded me that HUGS and Laughter and welcomes are much better to share.I am truly grateful for the response of my fellow members here at WA. So wonderful to hear encouragement and caring. Here is a picture of the heart of WA people in my feeling.So here are some wonderful people I would like to thank so much. Your caring really helps!
I've been off track for a bit and think I need a kick in the butt to get back on track. We are having to put our place up for sale. Very unexpected. Still trying to figure out how to handle it and where to go next. Was getting through the shock of that last week when my spouse decided we had to go to Quebec on Friday until Sunday. 11 hour drive for us. Then to Ottawa on Saturday - a 4 hour, then back home on Sunday - 7 hrs. So tired. Still putting the pieces together. It will be OK one way or an
Hi this is the little ebook that I wrote a couple of years ago. I am offering it as a free download here to WA. It is also set up as a free download at my site. I published the page the download is on, so anyone should be able to get it. I would really be glad if anyone finds it useful - however I realize that most of the members here likely already knew all this stuff. It would ultimately be targeted at people very new to online website building. Here is the link to get it. Look forward to you
April 01, 2015
This is so exciting! I have struggled for so long with two elements of typing. I was using a good keyboard, but the keys were so small and my eyes have changed so much that I really can't read the command keys (even with glasses). Also my spouse built my desk and the keyboard tray is a slide-out. So to get close enough to the screen to read it, I usually leave the slider halfway in. It's often too dark to see the keys. Also in the evening, when he is watching tv behind me, I have to put the bi
I have a list of things that I would like to know about for the training. I already got my lesson on jumping ahead of the lessons, so now I am asking first. It is not a huge deal about this, I would just rather not have to re-do it later if it is going to show up in the training. So far I have found the training to be extremely well ordered. It feels like Kyle is following a specific plan of what comes first. So this is just a simple question to those who have gone before me. I am going through
Hi, I just finished my review of a different company and it should be live posted on my website. I was trying to get some feedback from Kyle or someone with a lot of experience with reviews, because I was concerned about any legal ramifications from what I said. What I wrote is true of what happened to me, but maybe a review should not be so rude. I also realized that other people here had better experiences with SBI so I am sorry if what I said offends anyone. I would really appreciate your pe
March 10, 2015
I was doing some personal change work awhile back and was offered the chance to make a free video through mind movies. Doing this was supposed to help me change my beliefs about money being too scarce - you know the kind of negative self-talk I mean. So I did a lot of cut and pasting then made this wee video courtesy of Mind Movies. It was fun. I love the song. The only way I could show you is to load it on youtube. I am feeling a little down right now, so I went back and played it. Decided tha
February 27, 2015
Breaking News - Update on my lesson progress. Today I am concluding Course 2 lesson 10. I have actually learned quite bit about building a good website. As I have gone through the lessons, I am surprised at the really valuable information in the lessons. For example, when I usually write a blog or page, I do think about adding pictures but never thought about adding titles before. It really makes the pages look much more interactive. Great teaching.Community of Helpers I could not update my prog