Deleting double spacing in Wordpress

Last Update: October 12, 2016

I just learned how to fix an annoying issue while working in Wordpress. I was working on my CONTACT US page and needed the name of my business and address to be single-spaced lines. It kept showing up as double spaced. So I clicked on HTML screen and deleted the spaces between the lines then I hit PUBLISH then went back to the normal view and voila! All done. The lines are all single spaced.

And if you are having issues reading through the HTML view just understand that the wording you were looking at before you changed screens is in there. It just now appears with "codes" around the words. So don't get freaked out. Just delete the extra line spaces and PUBLISH and get out of that weird view and move on.

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JeffBoivin Premium
OMG twice :) That was one annoying situation that I could not find the solution. Double thanks :) Cheers, Jeff
MelissaA1 Premium
OMG, thank you for this. I was just about to ask because I needed an address to stay in place (which it didn't when I used the spacebar to round down to the next line) and be single spaced. Thank you!