Hard to Find an Extra $20

Last Update: August 24, 2021

I am so excited. I finally had a little extra cash, seems to be rare these days, and decided to try and put my money to work. Really wish I could do the yearly for the big boy, but man, it was hard enough to get this upgrade, I couldn't imagine what I would have to do for $500. Either way, looking forward to making a small business/side income, and who knows, maybe replace my lame $250 a week job.

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tommo1968 Premium Plus
If struggling to get money for your membership try working online for that extra credit. Places like Fiverr and Upwork are great for finding jobs to do online. If you can write you can earn decent wages. You can also earn credit here by writing training and getting others to join.
Cwizden Premium
Thanks for the advice. I unfortunately just lost my Chromebook, stupid motherboard took a crap on me. I will get back into things, just need to find me a cheap computer and a place to sleep with some strong internet. Then I can check out other quick ways to make a buck or two; then throw it into some sites. Its hard starting from zero again.