What Are Your Intentions

Last Update: October 27, 2017

What Are Your Intentions

There is an old expression that I want to share with you before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post. That expression is, “The road to hell was paved with good intentions.”

Good or great intentions are the ultimate choice of bettering your life. Of course we would all like to believe that our intentions are good. But, if you have bad intentions, it's a sign you are filled with greed, envy, detest etc.

You should desire that all of these damning influences be out of your life. Our intentions are mighty. They tell other people what our goals are and where we are heading. Intentions are our motive that helps us to accomplish our objectives.

In order to learn your own intentions you have to do a little bit of a life study and doing so does require a little bit of effort on your part. You may from time to time feel ill-tempered and even grit your teeth, but, as you continue through the learning curve you will see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

What if some of your intentions are foul? Well, welcome to realism, humanity and imperfection. Yet, know that you are able to change those foul intentions to great thoughts, and it really is not that difficult to do.

The first step I always recommend to my clients in my private hypnosis and counselling practice is to take a few minutes and write out your intentions, this helps you to discover yourself. And I often recommend if they do not currently keep a journal that they consider starting to do so. Journaling affords you the opportunity to look back later to see your growth throughout any process. The whole journaling process need not take more than a couple of minutes a day, after all you aren’t writing a novel but simply jotting down your feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

As you begin this self-discovery find what alternatives that you have available, when doing so then do your research by searching the Internet and other resources. Often these resources can unlock the door to success.

Check your intentions. Are you currently in your ideal career, doing something that you love, or you just working for work sake and the benefit of a paycheck? Examine your assets and utilize your strengths. You might even consider just as a practice doing a job search to compare where you are currently with where you could possibly be given your knowledge and experience.

If you are in a job for job type of situation realize that you can possibly find a career that better suits you. So ask yourself that ever important question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Now for some that might seem just a tad redundant as they consider themselves grown up already, but let the child within take over and if you could have the perfect job or profession what would it be? What would make you be able to wake up in the morning and know that you were going to love what you had to do that day? Never quit and demand results from yourself.

Then most importantly take the necessary actions by recording your particular wants and needs and then do something about it. Life is way too short to hate what you do every day. Go over the inner pictures that you have developed and listen to the voices that tell you how you are able to better your personal life.

Learn to train your conscious to live healthier. We all have instincts inside us. Learn to restore your instincts and listen. Listening is the key to help you better your personal life. Learn how to acknowledge your bodies needs as well. You will be much happier in the long run I assure you.

Signing off for now, but remember that I got nothing but love for you.

Dr. Carl

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VeronicasLuv Premium
There's something that a former employer would say, that stayed with me over the years, "Think about what you're doing."

This is a great point that you make: It's easy to say, "I want to do...", but when we think about our intentions, it allows us to dig deeper, and come up with the appropriate plan of action. So our "steps" are deliberate, and not just aimless wanderings.
cwelliver Premium
so very true Veronica