This Moment

Last Update: November 26, 2014

At this moment everyone has something that they want to do. From the smallest task to the largest accomplishment, we all have dreams and goals we want to achieve. Many of us have had thoughts or plans of what we want to carry out, but for one reason or another, we have just not gone through with it. This is where you must step out on faith, move forward knowing that a way will be made for you to succeed. There is only this moment, whatever you have been contemplating, whatever you have been putting off because of fear, or uncertainty, do it. No more hesitating, no more second thoughts. Your idea, your plan has been eating at you for a long time. The little voiceGo For It! in your head has been speaking to you, and even your dreams have come under assault with the idea of moving forward with what you want to do. There will no other moment, but this one. Imagine years from now when you remember this instant and you are able to tell friends and family, that this was when it all changed for you. When you went from making excuses, to taking action. That will be the difference between you and others who just watched their opportunities and dream go by. Now was the time you rose to the challenge and took hold of your destiny. No one will ever be able to take that from you, no one will be able say that you didn't go after what you wanted, and they will not be able to say that it couldn't be done.

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dhayman Premium
All we have is the present. Make the best use of it.
cwatsoniii1 Premium
You are very welcome.
adaba063 Premium
great words, thanks for sharing!