The River And The Mountain

Last Update: December 21, 2014

Life carries with it many obstacles and challenges that we all must find ways to deal with and overcome. Just as there many types cars in the world, that stem from a few core elements, engine, wheels, seats, etc, there is a multitude of ways to go through life that come from just a couple of root directions. We can either take the easy path or the path of growth.

The River

Many individuals go through life with no real concern or ambition for growth. They say to themselves, whatever life has in store for me, I'll deal with it when it arrives. They bounce through life, being pushed around by the whim of circumstances and situations. They may have dreams and means to achieve them, but will allow fear, self doubt, or just plain laziness deprive them of their will and ambition. They are unknowingly or unwillingly allowing life to pass them by. Some may complain about how life is treating them, but they will not make any real effort to change it, if they make any effort at all. I liken these people and their situation in life to a river. A river may be calm, or rush violently, be free flowing, or stagnant, but more often than not, heading in the same direction, down stream. It will follow the bends and drops and just like the river reaches the sea, an individual reaches the end of their life, where they realize that they wasted all those moments to achieve their dreams and now they are lost forever.

Each individual lives as they choose, that is their right. If they wish to live a life of mediocrity, then life will continue to give them the average existence they want. No one will for them to be more than they can, to strive for more out of life. Not a single person will offer any words of encouragement, if they are not wanted.

But, what if they wish to change, wish for something more, wish to strive for what they deserve from life? Imagine what their life would be like if they endeavor to be what they want to be?

The Mountain

There are types of people who take from the world what they want. These individuals are not happy with bowing to the whims of life, they will never be contented with being average. They do not let fear and doubt stand in their way towards to their goals and dreams. No matter the circumstance or situation, they rise to any challenge, and overcome it. Although their path may be rocky and full of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, a way around, through, or over is always found. They let nothing stop them from achieving their desires.

Going after their dreams could be equated to a mountain. It seems as if everyday becomes more difficult to climb, every step is a challenge in itself to keep going. The mountain could have a steady incline, which could be small necessary steps towards their dreams, or a sheer vertical face of a major challenge. There could be large cracks that force them to take a leap of faith, or rolling boulders of outside skepticism and ridicule trying to knock them back down the mountain. All of these would cause anyone to doubt their ability and their goals. But those who've made a choice to change their lives will continue forward and maintain their struggle up the mountain. They will work every day, push everyday towards what they want, and against all odds, against themselves, stand triumphantly on the top of the mountain and declare victory.

Climbing Tools

Now that you have decided to take on the challenge of going after your dreams, how do you start? I will give a "Beginner's Kit" of tools needed to start your climb. These are necessary and should not be taken lightly, many dreams fail from the beginning due to a lack of preparation. As you complete and go after new goals, you will find more tools to help you on your way, this is the essence of growing from who you are, to who you want to be.

Tool 1. GOAL

You must have a dream, or something you want to accomplish, everyone does. There are people who want to or change things in their lives. To climb a mountain, you must first have a mountain. What do you wish to do? It could be as small as being to eat healthy, to as large as starting a business. The mountain size doesn't matter, this is only due to the individual's perception of their goal.

For example, one of my goals was to learn how to swim, easy you may say, but not for someone who has absolutely no idea how to do it. I took classes and even had one on one coaching, nothing seemed to work.

When I moved into my new apartment, that just so happen to have a pool, I spent day after day trying to swim. After trying for about a month, I finally got it, I know how to swim. And here is the crazy part, it finally came down to my belief. If I believed I could swim, I could. The outcome of this goal was totally up to me. Don't let fear and disbelief, keep you from what you want in life.

Tool 2. WHY

What is your why? Without finding the true reason why you wish to go for your a dream or a goal, as soon as the challenges start, you will begin to waver in your belief in that goal and quit. Your why must be as strong as trying to get air when drowning or maintaining your balance in a high place. There can be no doubt in your why, because when all else fails and friends and family begin to openly ridicule you, this is the safety rope that must be attached to keep you from falling back down the mountain into mediocrity.

Tool 3. A MENTOR

If your goal was to climb Mt, Everest, would you do it alone? No, not to mention all the tools and equipment you would take, you would also need a guide or a mentor. A mentor is simply someone who is or has been where you want to be. They can explain to you about the pitfalls they have experienced and tell you how to avoid them. A mentor can also help with the learning curve, why go through the steps of learning something, when a mentor can tell you what you need to know. There are however things that only experience can teach, and a good mentor will allow you to earn these areas on your own, but be there for support. They will not only teach you the things you need to succeed, but also the mental and emotional issues that you will face. Life changing goals are not a walk in the park, but your mentor will be there to help you through the bad time that we all must face.


Now that you have made it to the top of the mountain and completed the goals set out to conquer, what now? Of course you can go for bigger and better goals, armed with the tools needed to achieve them, nothing can stand in you way. By this time you have also picked up new tools and advice that will make the next challenge a bit easier to manage.

But, this final tool is forgotten or neglected, leading some to feel a hollowness in victory, an emptiness at the top of the mountain.

No one gets to where they want to be by themselves. For every challenge set before an individual, there was a person or and group of people supporting them and their dream. Don't forget to be grateful.

Victory without giving some sort of acknowledgment to those who helped you accomplish them, takes away from the meaning of the achievement and give you an appearance of selfishness.

Have you had someone thank you for something you did? After they thanked you, would there ever be a problem of doing it again for them? If they didn't offer gratitude, would you come to their aid ever again, it's let likely for the latter.

You must give thanks for the help you receive, you never know where or when you will need again.

Tool 5. GIVING

Just like gratefulness, you must give back. In the tense I am speaking of giving help with your stories and help through your experience. Someone will come to you for help or guidance, and that is when you become the mentor. It is now time to be an adviser and help others on their paths. Give to receive, remember where you were when you started, help others and in return get help on your continued progress. Believe it or not, your journey doesn't end with your success, you are a part of a bigger picture and if you are not helping others, your place at the top of the mountain will be a very lonely place and your self-indulgence and selfishness will be your downfall.

I really do appreciate you for taking the time to read these words, I pray that these beginning tools will help you in your future endeavors. It has been my intention to show you the first steps to achieving your goals. Let nothing and no one stand in the way of you and your dreams.I wish you all the success in striving for and conquering your mountains.

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dhayman Premium
Thanks for your well written words. Your sincere concern for others success is a great motivator.

May God bless you for your efforts.

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You are very welcome.