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Last Update: December 07, 2017

When I first started with WA I was pretty much a total novice and had no clue about online entrepreneurship, I just thought I would give it a real good go and follow the training at WA, it's has now been 2 months and I have my own website up and running with 5 posts that have received some great feedback on, not to mention I have gained even more knowledge as I have had to do more research within my chosen niche which is health and fitness my website really started to take off and come together.

I am so grateful for the step by step training that I get at WA and the support from the community its really great and its what has kept me going knowing that I am not alone on this journey.

The next three months I want to really get a better understanding of how to generate a real income so I can leave my full time job trading time for money and have the flexibility of working my own hours building something that is truly mine.

Then in the next 3-6 months following I would like to be at a place where I will build 1-2 more websites that can also generate a really good sustainable income and start to build solid wealth for not just me but for the next generation and also be able to go overseas and do missionary work in the Asian continent.

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jrandrade07 Premium
ey bro, great progress =) I remember when I was also starting... we share the same goals, and I guess majority of us here in WA =) Keep it up and great website... =)