How I Made Time To Become An Internet Marketer

Last Update: January 21, 2017

Good day! I find myself in a really strange place. I need to change what is happening in my life or that is what I am thinking. I am at an age where market crashes, divorce and life down turns have wiped out my savings and retirement fund. Some of you may have experienced this or worse and I feel your frustration. However, over our years of complacency we have developed habits that have not worked to our benefit. This is why I am writing this. It is so that I can remind myself that life is all about choices and what we do with them. If you are reading this you are like me and wanted change in your life for the better. Many of us have search and tried to do that before maybe more than once. I know I have attended many seminars and joined different types of ways to earn an income from home. To tell the truth I even tried internet marketing before didn't have a clue read an article and joined Clickbank and figured promote a item and the money would come... yah that didn't go as planned. I even did the Real Estate Investor and I did make some money but the work verses the money for time ratio is not part time. With the years seeming to pass by and nothing changing I began to wonder why...

Then it struck me! Every time I wanted something I scheduled the time to make it happen. Vacation, planned, scheduled... happened. Football game day with the guys, planned, scheduled...happened. The things that I wanted to make happen had a sequence to them... I Planned to do them, then I scheduled the time to do them and next it Happened.

So if you are like me and you want to make this change happen in your life. Let's do it!!!

Let's make a Plan and commit to that plan... by our comments below so everyone knows and we can be held accountable.

Next in your comment of commitment say when you are going to schedule the time to do it.

If we hold one another accountable and moving forward with our trainings and tasks. As long as we are moving forward no matter how slow we will eventually succeed.

Looking forward to seeing your comments below.

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MichaelKiff Premium
Curtis, I am right there with you brother. Divorce at 64 after 25 years of marriage, savings wiped out, nice home on the golf course gone and I had to start over.

I am at the age that many of my friends are retiring God had another plan for me and that is what I am working on.

When you talk about making time for internet marketing I agree, infact towards the end of last year, I received a message loud and clear from Tony Robins. Tony said if you really committed to living on an island you will "burn the boats" that brought you there.

This year I have made a firm commitment to burn the boats and seriously make affiliate marketing work.
CurtisEvans Premium
Cheers Michael,
Great to hear and good to know that there are others out there going down a similar path. With support and commitment I believe that once we believe with our minds we can do this we will achieve it. Look forward to seeing your accomplishments on WA and working with you.
Talk Soon Brother ),
CurtisEvans Premium
I Curtis Evans commit to making my Internet business a success by following a plan, using the trainings and support of WA and scheduling from 8 p.m to 10 p.m. 5 days of the week to work on it.