Putting my bad day behind me

Last Update: Dec 11, 2017


So after having a bad day a few days ago and just stepping away for that night to take a break, I am back in creative mode. For the past 2 days I banged out an article and just now finished a product review.

While my article was brief (800 words) it was on an update on some previously released software that had some new features I wanted to announce. First article I have done under 1000 words! But I got my point across and didn't want to drag it out.

But I think I more then made up for that shortcoming in my review, which I didn't realize till the end that I was at 1650 words! So much for my creative slump. I'll take it! Have a few more article ideas planned and want to get another 3-4 out this week.

So I am back in the game and ready for more! Bring it on I say! Bad days come and go, but they should not have to effect our creativity and our dedication to our progress. Once I started writing my first paragraph the other day, I just felt like I was back in the zone.

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Chris, no, need to weed through, a bunch of TMI...to find out if it's a Ding...or a dud!
Have, you, notebook?...I, heard, more new ideas!!...Pretty, neat!!

Day 1 - Chris?! Magic!! I, can remember, trying to count 750 words, and kept getting lost...someone said, about a screen full!!
so, much easier!! None, were less than 1000!! once, it starts..?
Label -Day1 of 7/7...folks will, know this is for a week!!...checking, you out!!
Good, job, Chris!! all, 5 are rockin'!!
See, ya, tomorrow, Chris!
I announced it in today's blog...only first name...go over and acknowledge that it is you...so others, will, follow over and read...get a buzz going>>>

Awesome Chris!

Way to bounce back and get right back in the saddle my Friend.

Bad days to come for all of us and I love your attitude of not letting it linger and affect the creative days ahead.

Thank you for sharing Chris,


I was never one to have a bad day get to me, but I guess I reached my point. We all have bad days, and the important thing is how we overcome them. I just needed a night to take my creativity elsewhere, to make some music. After that, and a good night sleep, I was good to go the following day!

Wonderful Chris, we all need a night off sometimes.

Tony...Chris is taking the 7/7 writnig, challenge...This, was #1!!
this, rocks!!

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