"Journaling For Your Web Business"

Last Update: November 28, 2013

This morning, I thought it would be a good idea to start a business journal about my internet web activities. So I thought about how I would add this extra task to an already overwhelming schedule.

After marinating over the idea for five minutes, I decided to just write what was on my mind regardless of whether the words made sense or not. As I began to write, to my surprise, the words flowed freely and without judgement, filling up two pages.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, I felt a 10-ton weight being lifted off my shoulders and stress levels had reduced to about 60 percent.

After the journaling process was completed, ideas for blog posts were realized. I also decided to do a little research into journaling and share some links to other comments and posts. Hope you enjoy!


For online Journaling tools, try Penzu! I’ve used it as my online journal tool a year now and am quite satisfied!



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Free2BMe Premium
Hey Crystal - two nice sites to consider using in the future. I tucked them away for safe keeping in my favorites. Good info! Thanks.
leonmc Premium
Thanks Crystal....for the ideas and inspiration ....looks like i'm going to be more organized lol!.....best
CrystalDavis Premium
Thanks for reading Leonmc.
BIS Premium
Hi Crystal - I think there's many of us that identify with the lower stress levels you experienced from putting your thoughts down on paper. I love journaling.

Thanks for sharing these two links. The article was very interesting and I hadn't come across penzu before - so I shall definitely have a look at it.

CrystalDavis Premium
Thanks BIS, the best part about penzu is that it's free.
ScorpDeity Premium
That's a fantastic idea Crystal! I'm definitely going to consider that, although like you I'll have a battle for time for it lol
CrystalDavis Premium
Thanks ScorpDeity for reading! Hope the resources help as well.