My road to progress with WA!

Last Update: April 12, 2016


When I found WA I was looking for something that was legit to work from home, flexible hours, and decent pay. I came across scam after scam after scam. I'm sitting here thinking....Man! I am NEVER going to find something I can do to make more money from home!!! I had signed up for a lot of different things and all I got was a bunch of annoying phone calls of people trying to solicit me. I was just about to give up.

And then I found it.... a niche! Even though I had no idea what a niche was then....ha! How smart I just made myself feel ;) Thank you WA! lol. Anyhow, It was about WA being a scam so that caught my attention and I started wondering what this scam was about? And to make sure I stay away from it. But this was a review about WA and it said that I could and would make money at some point, and since it was free to sign up...what the heck! Why not?!?

So I have been a member for 2 months now and I am still working hard at it every day! I feel like I am definitely getting somewhere. I have learned a lot and continue to everyday! I enjoy everyone here. I think we have a lot of really great people that have the same goals! I love the training and I feel it is all very user friendly.

I knew going in that it would take time to get my website done and with any business it takes money to make money. I went at this with low expectations because I didn't know what to expect from myself! I'm not a writer and I never really have been! But the more and more content I create and the more time I spend on here, the more I LOVE ALL OF THIS!!! I am proud of everything I have created on my site! I almost can't believe it that in just 2 months time I have done all of this. Keep in mind, I am a full time wife, mom, worker, and website owner! :)


I can see myself being done with my 8-5 hustle and bustle and just working on my website. I'm not sure when but I know that I WILL get there because I am determined and nothing will stand in my way! My goal within the next couple of months is to get this site finished and start working on the next one. I already have a few great ideas up my sleeve but want to finish what I've started and make sure it's a success before I start the next one. I can't wait until that first payment rolls in to my account and I can't wait to see what other awesome niche's I create!

This is still a huge work in progress but please check me out!! ;)

Thanks for reading!


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Sirio Premium
Hey Crys, the same happened to me! I was searching for a way to earn some extra money from home "easily"... but there are so many scams out there so you got to be careful. But like you I joined WA, I mean it's for free and you don't need a credit card to register... So I checked out WA...

I can only tell you to stay focused and keep it going and you will get to results. And once you get results you know that you can get higher results!!

Stay motivated :)
Crysgirl07 Premium
Yeah. I felt like I could trust WA because they show you how it's done and then the monthly cost is understandable after that! Unlike actual scams that want the money upfront without showing you/walking you through how their program works.
Thank you! I will stay focused and keep it going. :)
Sirio Premium
That's true! And they don't promise you to "get rich fast" but an actual way to earn money online. I think every $ I spent for WA is worth it... WA hosts my websites, there is every week a webinar, there are plenty of courses... etc. for me it's worth it.
Crysgirl07 Premium
I completely agree with you! Money well spent. I look at it like Kyle says...If you had to go back to school to learn all of this, it would cost A LOT more. Plus, you wouldn't have this awesome online community to help you! :)