have you ever thought you were invisible

Last Update: October 29, 2014

Oh, wait a secound I can see myself. hehe No I'm talking about your website. Are you efforts wasted on good material that doesn't rank. look at the competition and i mean look at there content does it read well ( what is the flesh read ) what H tags are they using in conjunksion with there title. how many media uploads do they have on the post.

rank brothers and sisters

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Christabelle Premium
good advice!
GFHaze Premium
I have been finding that by writing quality content on a regular basis, working a good keyword tool like Jaaxy and following some of the key guidelines for H1, H2 and meta description, invisibility is becoming a thing of the past.

However, that still may not yield success if you have other broken elements on your site.

Here is a Free tool that helps to expose what is really on your site so you may resolve issues that will make Google happier at your site.


Warning, there is a lot of information, you may be overwhelmed without understanding some terminology so a bit more work, perhaps.

I hope this helps to turn on some light.