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Last Update: July 13, 2018

Hi everyone in this wonderful community

This is my 1st blog within the community and to be honest I cant believe how far I have come in such a short period. Within months I have learned how to build a website using word press I have learned about how Google and other internet providers work I have learned how to write great content and I now have a business that isn't just an image in my head but is actually real.

My niche is CBD Oil this was an easy niche for me to enter as I use the products my self and I am a big supporter of medical benefits of cannabis. I have found out so much about the cannabis oil and the research I have done has just made me more hungry to know more.

My greatest success so far is the building of my website and the confidence it has give me to take more un known things on without shying away. 6 months a go I would never had thought that I would build a website and maintain it as I do know. When I look at my website, I fill up with pride that I have done that and enjoyed doing it.

My next 3 months targets are to complete the WA training get some products on my website to back my article's and start seeing a revenue come in.

My 6-months target is to make enough money to cut down my hours at my job and then eventually hand in my notice and do this fulltime.

Before I finish I just want to say a massive thank you to the community you all have helped me grow when ever I need help I ask a question and its answered straight away when I have a moment were I want to pull my hair out you guys give me faith.

The training is so good everything done at the perfect pace and I have taken so much from it. WA Affiliates I would recommend to anyone who is looking to set up an online business its people are simply the best.

Thank you for reading and speak to you all soon.

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predestinate Premium
Wow you've done a lot already Congrats! Keep up the good work ! Keep in mind that Everything may not work out the way you want it to but be patient. You on your way to success my friend