It"s A Hard World

Last Update: September 04, 2017

Being possitive in a world of nothing but, unhappy happings waiting to occur is no fun, You have this very uneasy feeling about everything. You try blocking out the insaneness. My life is unpredidable. I have so many hidden agendas with added links that don't help. Then, you become more confused. I'm sure it all will end sometime. I will not like the ending at all. I'll want the insanty back.

Reading how successfull people handle stress. By Travis Bradberry @

I think being stressed is good for you. In reading the first paragraph I sure talked in circles.I think you performances is better. You need to undersyand how anxiety works.

'Need to stay within optimal levels to get top performance.. If not you want realize your full potential. Just keep anxiety from taking over. You are facing uncertaninty.You need mental toughness that will make you one of the empowered.

Remain strong with WA
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pablocortina Premium
Live each day to the fullest and remember that our control over many things is minimal or nonexistent
ConnieThomas Premium
Oh, I know that so very well.Believe me, I get threw a great deal of life in on day..
AlexEvans Premium
That is interesting Connie, sometimes an epic fail and meltdown can actually be a quite well long term......... at the time, not the best. but that reflection, the key can be establishing our natural rhythm. So we can manage the energy as it flows.
ConnieThomas Premium
Yes, That's a goal I need to capture and win more energy. Thanks