Not Necessarily My Thing, But.

Last Update: February 26, 2019

Facebook is not necessarly my thing, my go-to spot, like some individuals, along with Twitter, SnapChat, and all the other forms of social media. I am not one to post much, maybe a share here or there or to like something or to say I participated in a 5K run/walk. So when I joined WA as a premium member, I was overwhelmed with all the posts and blogs. I actually started to draw in, not wanting to take part.

After about 4 weeks of training, WA started to look more like a family than a 3 ring circus to me. I now feel more comfortable giving feedback to others, accepting comments, posting thoughts and ideas on the feed and such.

There are so many people that are wanting the same basic thing as me-to be successful in their new business. Everyones' success is measured differently, but, yet, everyone here at WA cheers and encourages each other on. That's what makes a family-the support system.

To the newbies (like me, I'm still learning), we are here for you! Kudos to the WA family!

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