visual editor gone on holiday

Last Update: April 06, 2015

So today I was writing a page and when I went to update/publish.. wordpress seems to have had a fit and I no longer can write posts there is no visual editor!!

I have tried all sorts of things.

I have tried deactivating/reactiving plugins

Changed themes

I have updated wordpress

I have checked user settings

I have stood on one foot and had my finger on my nose

Please help I cannot continue my work if I cannot use the editor!!???

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Michelle04 Premium
Hi. You need to put in a support ticket and get some help:
Colourful Premium
Thanks for your reply:) I have contacted support still no progress!
I have given up for the night before I fry my brain :)
Michelle04 Premium
I'm sorry! It does take support a little while to get back to people, as they get swamped. Hope you have a good night and things will look better tomorrow. :)