My first blog post on wealthy affiliate:)

Last Update: September 18, 2014

So here goes.. What's on my mind? My progress is at snail pace at best, however things are shaping up to be something I am almost proud of for getting this far...

I have a website that can be looked up and used properly.

I have created a few pages and blogs that have been read by a few people already.

I now am wrapping my mind around the way google works and feel my brain kick starting again for knowledge it's brilliant!

The success thing will come I hope.. I already feel a little success.. I proved to myself, if I got motivated I could make something happen.. so anything more is a bonus at this stage.

My goals for 3mths.. Is to keep motivated and interested.. To keep reading and writing.

My goals for 6mths.. For my website to be fully operational.

I have very much enjoyed my time at wealthy affiliate.. Was a little rough at first and I wasn't completely sure.. but now I am enjoying learning and creating.. And could not feel more positive about it:)

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MisterWailor Premium
Well done. Your website looks nice.
wendyk Premium
Congrats! You are off to a great start. Success will come. :)
TheHammer Premium
Welcome to WA and congrats on getting this far already!! Moving at slow consistent speed is much better than taking massive leaps here and there... The greatest companies in the world have risen above all the economic downs and whatever challenges the world has been through by making small steps towards growth, even when times have been great, they have kept a steady pace of small consistent steps which has helped reach the greatness they at in the long run :)

From where I am seeing things you are already very successful!! Well done on your progress!, keep it up and keep the ball rolling :)