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Last Update: December 13, 2017

Hi folks.

Just letting you know that I've changed my username from Mburul, which I must admit is not easy to pronounce but is part of my second name to Colorman. I chose Colorman because I am a graphic designer and I love working with colors. It tells a bit of who I am. I also think its pretty funky!

Btw if you want to know how to go about changing your username, just click on your profile image and go to account settings. You can only do it once so make sure you chose a cool username!

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suzzziq Premium
Love this! Colorman is definitely easier to pronounce!
DEversley Premium
Great! Thanks for the advice.
Calmkoala Premium
Hi, pleased to meet the 'new' you, Colorman! Thanks for the helpful advice too, Sue :)
Colorman Premium
Most welcome Sue and best of wishes.

Merry Christmas
CarlJDill Premium
Hey ColorMan,

Congratulations on going Premium and I love the new name. It is kind of cool. I changed mine the one allowed time and then kind of wanted to pick a cool, catchy, memorable name too. Guess I will just have to settle on 'being memorable' --- or as a friend often says "be so good you can't be ignored." Following you and best wishes for lasting online success!

Kind regards,

Colorman Premium
CarlJDill is memorable for sure. Thanks for the follow Carl and best of wishes in your business. Following you right back.

Merry Christmas.
CarlJDill Premium
Merry Christmas to you too Leonard.