The Corridor Principle

Last Update: May 28, 2020

Hello everyone, I trust we're all doing great and staying safe.

I just wanted to share another quick one with you today. I recently came across a rather fascinating theory that excited me tremendously because it helped me to really understand the process I've been going through for the last few months.

It was the theory of the "Corridor Principle".

I'm positive a few here already know about this but for those who don't the Corridor Principle states that;

"the mere act of starting a venture enables entrepreneurs to see other venture opportunities they could neither see nor take advantage of until they had started their initial venture."

Now this hit me hard because I could easily relate to this, and so may some of you. I'm five months into my entrepreneurial journey so far. Some of the opportunities that I have come across, the people I have met and become friends with, the ideas that I have been able to come up with, this amazing community, etc. I understand now that, all of that, happened because I started.

I was really thrilled to learn about this principle because it perfectly describes what I've been going through, and I'm excited for what lies ahead

In other words, the entrepreneurial life is like a corridor or a hallway. You start at one end of the corridor as you begin your entrepreneurial journey. As you move down the corridor you come across "doors" representing opportunities. According to this principle, there is no way you could have come across these opportunities if you never embarked on your entrepreneurial journey in the first place.

It is only by starting, that we get to come across opportunities that can change us, make us better, improve us and prepare us for our dreams.

Wealthy Affiliate has been one such door and as we all move, we will come across other doors. Some will try those out as well. Others will be alright here with WA.

Whatever your choice, you must remember that this is not the end of the corridor. Keep walking. It can always get better.




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Eunice28 Premium
i totally agree with you codjoe if we don't get and walk thru there will be no doors to open, so get up and start walking so to say, good post, thank
Codjoe Premium
You welcome Eunice. Hope you're staying safe😊
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great post
Thank you very much for sharing
Codjoe Premium
Anytime Lisa