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Let's get to it -- the bottom line, Wealthy Affiliate has the all in all teaching system in place to reach the goals of anyone that would like to learn how to make money on-line or off-line. Here are the tips or reasons why you can learn to make money online at WA: (1 ) - You are looking for a way to to make money on-line and probably off-line too! ( 2 ) - You know that you can follow a well designed lesson plans if you had some help! ( 3 ) - You know there is no free lunch in life, because
Hi My Wealthy Affiliate Family I just love sharing pointers that may help everybody to succeed. As some of you may know by now, I have been sharing how I have utilized curiosity over years. There is a power that comes along with it. Being curious about the right things in life are good for us and will add value to our knowledge. I published a lesson about the power of curiosity ( HERE---> Learn What The Power Of The Word 'Curiosity'.Is ) and one of the things I wrote in this training was: Cu
Hi all, I want to share one of my all time tips I learned over the years. We as people are very curios about life. People just seem to need to know about things and people. We will ask all kind of questions and will research to learn more so we will know more about something or someone. I just published a teaching on satisfying curiosity and it will increase our over all life in business and in our personal experience. Have you ever heard the saying --curiosity killed the cat ? Well, my mother
February 03, 2014
Here at Wealthy Affiliate we have our own blog and this is my blog. We are taught that quality content is king and to write it on any website page post or blog is the way to success. The blogging world is really big for sure. Blogging for success online or offline, like news papers or printed sources can be profitable to you --- if what you blog about is of interest to others. Here is a video on)"Content Development Made Simple"):High Quality Writing By Jay (magistudios) here at WA. !!! I h
Hello all, My title is that because we all will reap what we sow, it is a universal law. So, Sow some thanksgiving and give thanks for all that is good in your life and it will be a harvest to you and you can reap it soon. I have had a great life and Wealthy Affiliate has add much to it. I thank all here that ever help me with any thing,every reply the good and not so good has helped me ----so I thank all for it. I thank my all my family members for all things they have added to my life. I tha
I have now found a niche to teach! Learn to make cold calls off-line.---LOL Then, go off-line to offer Wealthy Affiliate to others and like it. I have made two new teaching about it and I will be making more . The first was an tutorial on it and the second was a video to encourage everyone to read the first one. Cold calling is the way the world works naturally as we go about our day. People see and greet each other all day and night long. Cold calling is something that many people ge
August 09, 2013
I have been thinking about how we all have come from some place different. You know, where we where born at and who was our father and mother. Does it make any different s now and how it may have effected us. I was talking to real good buddy of mined today who is 74 years old and is a millionaire with his assets---cash property and stuff. I found out for the first time his father never wanted to give him any credit, you did a good job son. He said," he could never please him no matter how good
I just love to see folks happy with each other. My wife and I are so happy today because we like to work together at this WA and her writing her book! I am loving the way she has come alive helping me build our new website on the first step to loosing weight. Yes, we know losing is spelled wrong, thanks though. I just like to follow the lessons here and build a real informational website. We had a great day doing so and are looking forward to finishing it. We know it will help people with thei
I been learning about the online world for a few years now, and I now know I must have fun in the process of my learning. My coaches in school would teach us that and then the good ones would say, go the have fun.I really am not someone who loves to write, and so I had to find a way to cause me to want to write. So, I found if I had a passion for a subject I could enjoy writing about it. It really takes me a long time to write my content,so, I really do need to have fun. I have the desire to hel
July 04, 2013
Hi all. I have not made a blog in a long time but will be doing so soon!!!! When we get knocked down by what life punches us with, we slow down. I am back up after many punches and will start where I need to, to build an affiliate business! See Yall soon, I did not quit or give up, just delayed. WA offers the best, no matter what the cost and the cost is so reasonable.Croninweb