Labor of Love

Last Update: May 19, 2015

Hello Fellow WA'ers!

I just wanted to drop a note to update everyone on my progress toward the goals that I set.

I term my work on the project that is my online business as 'a labor of love' which means that it has been a slow and sometimes steady process. You do, however, have to love it, and I do. I have my website up and running with some limited written content and pictures. I am also close to being done with the level #2 training.

Still excited, and still very, very confident!

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DLansing Premium
Keep working, keep adding content, gradually you will see the fruit of your labour :-)
coach1993 Premium
Thank you for your encouragement. That is my intention. I realize that if this was easy, everybody would be doing it.
DLansing Premium
Starting is pretty easy, but the challenging part is to continue to strive and believing in ourselves despite the perceived lack of progress or results.