The need for a Community

Last Update: December 31, 2018

Community and community collaboration are key to the success many vouch for and attracted to in Wealthy Affiliate. But, why?

First, living and working in communities are natural phenomena. It’s in the DNA of all living things.

Right from “conception” nothing happens in the life of any living thing without collaboration - at least two “individuals” must be involved. Think about any action - be a teacher; involved vent or manufacture a product; cook or eat food; sleep; get an education; etc.

Add to this mix, the natural ‘habitats’ of all living things to see Community in a new light. Barring migration (intentional or forced) and travels, there are places/communities of black people, white people, Chinese, Japanese; elephants, lions; oil palm trees, yams, pineapples; etc.

Nothing lives alone or by itself. And the main reason is because no living ‘thing’ possesses all knowledge. No one person can be a cleaner, a teacher, a lawyer, a mother, a father, etc. You must go to another person or thing for whatever you don’t have.

Does that not explain why WA lays great emphasis on community collaboration.

Sometimes I feel I’m not progressing fast enough with my WA lessons. This is because I spend a lot of time reading the writings and questions/answers of WA community members about the lesson at hand. I find these exchanges, though time-consuming, very useful: It makes whatever I’m working on clearer and easier to understand.

I plan to apply this method in all the remaining lessons and would recommend it to anybody who is interested. Thanks, WA

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NeptuneSiver Premium
You are at the right place
Cmbano19 Premium
Thanks for looking in.
RuthlynB Premium
The WA community is really an awesome community and we all need someone we cannot do this on our own at least I cannot do it on my own yes I have gained a lot of understanding through reading questions and answer from other members.
Cmbano19 Premium
Thanks, RuthlynB