Are you living your passion?

Last Update: May 27, 2016

How many of us are living our passion? How many of us are lucky enough to have figured out what we were put on this earth to do?

Steve Olsher talks about this in his book "What is Your What?". I love this concept because I feel I am here to do and be more. The challenge has always been trying to figure out what this is for me. When you get to this place where passion and gifts align everything is supposed to click. Similar to being in the zone for athletes.

I am striving to reach that point one day! If anyone here at WA is living their passion, I would love to hear it! I see many passionate people here and it is inspiring to see that you all want to help others. That in itselfis beyond amazing!

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JDunyon Premium
Turning my passion into a viable pay check was absolutely the smartest thing I've ever done
JudeP Premium
I am living my passion right now. I have wanted to be a writer since the age of ten and now I make good money by doing it :)
stevecox Premium
Cindy - I think you found your passion. Reading your profile, reading the post above, looking at the photo image on your page (which reflects impressive power, beauty, energy and an appreciation of nature). Your passion is "LIVING" and expressing your feelings, which you do extremely well. It may be a matter of narrowing down only if you want to direct your energy in a particular direction. But please don't dwell too much on just the word passion. Passion can be, and it looks like it is for you, getting up every day and spreading positive energy vibrations thru the universe.................that you are ALREADY doing ! Have a great weekend and continue your journey! And remember with respect to "doing and being more":......sometimes we (myself included) get so caught up becoming better that we forget we are Human Beings, not "Human Doings". Take pride in the contributions you make each time you blog here.

CMascari Premium
Steve, thank you for your insights and encouragement :)
LoreDonna Premium
I only do what I truly love 2 days a werk.
MPollock Premium
As I train and Learn all these different achievements, I am getting ready to help so that the community grows and the begginers learn and thrive off of what is built here.