Blogged Down! Never Fear Super Affiliate is Here!

Last Update: January 23, 2017

That sure has a catchy ring to it, and one of these days i'm going to be one, but man am i blogged down.

As i go through the training and courses i find myself were i can't do anything, i can't think of any ideas or where to go or which way i want my site to go. I know i need to ask questions, but what do i ask.

This morning i paid for my second month on the member ship at WA and it seemed to spark something in me, JUST START DOING SOMETHING WHETHER IT BE WRONG OR NOT. Don't get blogged down get blogging.

Hopefully if you get blogged down something will ignite a spark and you start chasing the super affiliate that you can be, chase it and chase it hard.

Never Fear Super Affiliate is Here!!!


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cwelliver Premium
Awesome post Clay we all from time to time I think get Blogged Down but you just need to keep moving in a forward direction and fight the good fight.
mickeyb123 Premium
Welcome Super Affiliate, now you know what it is all about!

jtaienao Premium
You got that right Clay, it can get overwhelming but you have the right attitude. Just do something. Whenever I get this way I go out maybe to the mall or somewhere. There are so many ideas out there related to my niche. I just got down ideas and then when things get clearer, I start writing a blog topic. The internet is also a great place to get ideas on your niche.