Success Is Progress

Last Update: February 26, 2019

One moment at a time,

One step at a time,

One inch at a time,

One day at a time,

It really doesn't matter how fast you move as long as you are moving forward.

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nadishia28 Premium
Awesome 👏🏿
Talk2Ray Premium
You're so right Claudette. Sometimes I feel like i am running a race like a turtle, but at least I'm moving forward.
Wdcope Premium
Very good Claudette! Reminds me when within a group of hikers one day, some were older and slower. They were lamenting this fact. I did not tell them the story of the tortoise and the Hare, but I said every step no matter how fast will allow them to make it to the top.
If they went back they would be disappointed in not seeing the beautiful summit!
Never look back unless it's to assist moving forward. Not who wins the race always, but those who finish will still benefit.
ClaudetteT1 Premium
Absolutely, that experience with the hikers is an excellent example of how we can sometimes use comparisons to hinder us from experiencing something great. Thanks for sharing that.
DaveAsprey Premium
Nice post Claudette. Just what I needed
NewLaurie Premium
So true, Claudette!

What a great motivational post! It's important not to let ourselves get overwhelmed with the entirety of the project, and just proceed in a methodical manner.

ClaudetteT1 Premium
Agree. It takes an incredible amount of focus because there is so much going on around us. We need to give ourselves credit for the steps we are taking. Thanks for commenting.