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My name is Clarence G Hanley. I am a marketer, not an excellent one yet, but I am seeking high success. I KNOW THAT BILLIONS OF OPPORTUNITIES AWAITS EACH OF US RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR COMPUTERS.

I am older now …having in earlier years worked for General Electric until there had been a reduction in manpower. I was cut. I had worked in various departments including marketing.

In past years, I worked in the insurance industry - sells; Marketing; owner of Four Guys, Inc - a durable medical equipment business. I later went into retirement from a Martin Marietta Company. I made lots of money in my past.

I later tried to open a restaurant business with a partner, a long-failed story that I won’t share in this piece. I will say this. He was a partner who had no investment who ended up jailed from hitting his wife and later the psych ward at a veterans hospital. He was a good cook, however. We never opened.

While all my working years for others appeared very successful, I had not been very successful with partnerships in business.

Note: Employees stealing your goods and products can break you sooner than later. My businesses took me for a different turn in life …and down a very dark alley. I was thinking that I was not cut out for running my own business – all the time realizing that an absentee manager was a fault of my own doing.
I’ve turned to the computer.

When your accountant tells you that the people working for you are stealing from you, then you haven’t been managing very well.

I did not end up on the streets, but I am working to pay down credit card bills made with the more recent restaurant business investments.

I was not poor like those stories you hear about many who go to work online, but I was rallying toward being nearly broke.

At home, I had downsized, (I mean, a lot) and I pretty much struggled along each day with my head just above the water – at sea-level - before drowning. I had to do something. So, we investigated our annuities.

The end results, I had lost more than I had gained. I did not manage well. Two years of business school, some college, L.U.T.C. had made me look like a dunce. And not to mention, that I got scammed by those Nigerians years before. Sad to say, I lost a fortune with their scheme …and I thought I was better than that. But that has passed.

I am over the losses and now using my experiences and learned skills to gain in the online marketplace.

Online marketing is really the place for me.

The buying climate is fast-moving …upward in the online marketplace. People love to make their purchases online. This business is ripe for many reasons.
Remembering two-and-a-half years ago, I thought I could run a sprint in this business when I tap-danced into it. But this business will soon show you that it is a cross-country pace.

It is true that some have crossed the line in a sprint but learning the tricks of the trade can be a chore for most. That is where you put in the time and the joyful effort.

I spent two years learning, and listening to untold amounts of webinars, stories, trails & errors, making sure I always had a proper mindset to learn this stuff. I spent considerable time and money running after the shiny stuff, we call it. That’s, like buying everything that looks good. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TOO DO THAT, BECAUSE Wealthy Affiliates - I am sure of it - WILL BE POINTING THOSE WHO ARE INTEREST, IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Here is what you should know that I believe about the online marketplace. It is simple once you have capitalized on the know-hows. Then it becomes fun …knowing there is a fortune to be made if that is your choice.

But not so fast. This business is not a get rich quick business, nor is it a scheme. It really is a business, and one must treat it as such. If you are an absentee business owner like I had once been, the bottom line is… there will be little or no gain.

MINDSET: The real factor is… your work can be minimal if you adjust your business to your lifestyle. In fact, it can be more fun than first realized, and it will keep you smiling each day.
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How much money per month would you be happy earning?

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
I am always on the computer
Kyle Premium
Success is very cumulative in nature. Every action you take will add up to a much greater success. I can tell you that when you earn your first money, it will all become very REAL and it will lead to much more success.

Personally it took me a couple of months to get there (to earn my first dime), but by month 6 I was earning a consistent income. That is likely what your journey will look like...stay persistent and ask for help when you need it. I am in your "corner" every step of the way Clarence! :)
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JeffreyBrown Premium
Best success to you in WA, Clarence!!

Clarence7 Premium
Good morning Jeff.
smartketeer Premium
Hi Clarence,

Congratulations on becoming a Premium member!

Wise decision!

If you need some help or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

To YOUR success!

Clarence7 Premium
Thanks Smartketeer,

Nice of you to make the offer. Don't be surprise when I com-a-knocking. Smile. Good deal.
megawinner Premium
Welcome to WA Premium. WA is the best for learning online business. All the best!
EdwinBernard Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

Glad you joined us.

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing environment to learn and apply our skills towards creating an online business. I tried to do this alone before and was completely lost.

Now I know why.

There are so many tricks of the trade and it saves time having it all laid out clearly in the Wealthy Affiliate training programs.

Keep following the training and exercises every day. Give it a year to see significant results. You'll be a happy camper by then. We all make progress at different rates and it is possible to see meaningful results in less time.

Google rewards people with websites that provide value to their visitors. It helps to boost their ad revenue of course! And that helps your websites get high rankings. But it takes time to build credibility. Once they realize your site is an authority site, good things will happen.

When you get stuck, and you will, just ask for help in the discussion area located below each lesson. Scroll down to find it. Another member who has the answer will get back to you promptly.

In the meantime have fun with the program. Much success to you.


Clarence7 Premium
Thanks Edwin.
EdwinBernard Premium
You're most welcome Clarence. I wish you much success in your affiliate marketing journey!

Welcome to WA