my progress in WA!!

Last Update: June 05, 2014

I joined WA in April, that should be about one month to a month and a half ago, it's been a tough but rewarding experience. I joined WA as a complete newbie, no online experience in any online venture whatsoever. I was totally nervous and for the first 2 or 3 weeks, It felt like I was lost in some thick forest, with no compass in my head or hand to know which way to even attempt going. But honestly, one of the things I believe made me to continue trying is that, this amazing platform called WA is FREE, and is an opportunity to also learn, so I figured there is really nothing to lose here but all to gain. i kept on trying and truly did it as an online adventure more than a business, with time i started to get more confidence to do this and here i am going on level 3, already went premium and very eager to soldier on. i owe a lot of gratitude to first these two wonderful gentlemen, CARSON & KYLE doing this and every WA member, the community motivation is great, that's what most people need to actually better their lives in this uncertain world!! sometimes we may not realize how much strength we poses on the inside until someone or something steers it up. In WA, members give each other this steer and i love it. When i would read others journey, and challenges as they were starting out, there is no/less different from my present situation, so i get motivated that if they went through what I'm going through now, and they still made it, meaning i will too. i will continue to update and keep log of my weekly or daily progress in WA.

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MisterWailor Premium
I joined around the same time as you, although I have not make any money yet but I will not give up so easily. There is still a lot to learn. I am having fun building website.
cinta2002 Premium
i totally agree, same here, haven't made a dime yet but i'm positive it'll happen soon!!