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January 10, 2019
Got to go away momentarily but I will be back! In the mean time! Wishing you all the best at start of this New Year!12 New Chapters! 365 New Chances! Make the most of them!All my energies going else where! Then coming back with a roar!Blessings everyone!! Tiger
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Hi Everyone and happy holidays for all those in the states!! I've been away for last couple months redirecting my energies to learning and getting together a new game plan of what it is exactly I want to do! I lost that when my other business plan fell apart! But now I've started a new puzzle with fresh pieces of information and it's definitely coming together! I lost my passion for a while when my original idea proved both unfruitful and company not at all what they promised. At least, I
Source wasn't wrong. Fortunately, nothing happened. Sorry for the scare. I was just trying to be helpful. Glad everything went off without a hitch. Have a great weekend all.,Gail
September 12, 2018
Hi everyone, I can't believe it's been 6 months already that I've been here at the WA! Plus the great network of people that I've gotten to connect with is just wonderful. I appreciate you all as well as all the help that everyone is so willing to give. It means a lot to me. We are already into the home stretch of this week and ending 2nd week of September!! Can you believe it. I've got a lot to catch up on because of my dogs illness but gratefully. That is behind us. He is doing wo
Happy Sunday everyone! I just got this off my facebook page from one of my coaches and wanted to share with you in case you were getting alittle discouraged! DO NOT QUIT!!!
August 10, 2018
Finished! My very, first marketing blog is done! OK, except later, when I upgrade to SEO upgrade but all in all. I am finished! Despite everything that has been going on! I finished my Real Estate Blog! Finally, accomplished one of my major goals! Thank you Wealthy Affiliate! Never thought I could do it but with your training and community support! I finally conquered a major hurdle and my confidence is growing that I really can do this! Cheerz Everyone!!
Hi Friends, Soooooo happy happy happy!! My boy is getting better! We walked together today for first time in nearly 60 days! I can't believe it. I mean a looooooong walk. Well at least for him after everything poor guy has been through. He walked up the street 2 blocks, said hello to a neighbor and walked back 2 more looooong blocks to home. I never had to carry him. Li'l Bear even bounced down the hall back home to our door. He played today and showed off to my friend as we had dinne
July 26, 2018
Hi everyone, I just wanted you to know that Bear is a little improved and hanging in there. Matter a fact, a friend inspired me to try one more thing to help him. As yet, I've not made any money online and live like many, paycheck to paycheck. The care he needs is costly but because he has shown some improvement. I believe he can be saved. The suggestion my friend gave me is a GoFundMe campaign and I decided to go for it. I hate to ask people but I just can't let my boy go! He is fami
July 11, 2018
My friends, Please forgive me if I don't talk to much right now. My best buddy, Li'l Bear, my dog has become very, sick. I've been nursing him 24/7 and just hoping he will recover. If you could remember me in thoughts since won't let say other p word, hope you'll understand. I would be grateful. It's tough when he can't even tell you what's wrong but he is a little fighter. Bless you for caring. Gail pix from 3 years ago, my lil hula boy, sweet pea:)
Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm so happy to report I've finally made it past a MAJOR Hurdle! Content!!!! I Finally posted 2 blog posts Thursday and Friday after being stumped for nearly 2 Months! 60 Days! I lost belief that I could even do it! I hardly feel like and expert in my chosen niche or affiliate marketing. But I just sat down and said to myself: Write!! Just write. Pick a title from list of Jaxxy keywords I saved and start to write. Talk about what I