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October 12, 2014
Ok, so as you may know, I've been having some trouble deciding on my niche. I've been here at WA for a little over a month and have been feeling like I'm really lagging behind on getting my website up and running. It's been very frustrating, but I've repeatedly told myself to keep going, keep pushing forward because once I complete the process it will be worth the stress I'm going through now. A few days ago I asked a question in the group forum and I got a lot of amazing responses. There we
August 26, 2014
So here is a bit of my story. I hope that you can find some common ground in my motivation and desire for personal success. For the last several years I have been working in the bill collection field. I fell into it because I'm good with people and I have a natural ability to "close the deal" with debtors. Now, that being said, just because you have a talent for something, that doesn't mean that you're necessarily happy doing it. The collection field - whether its credit card, medical, or st