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Hi All,As of 2 days ago I realized I started my first website with Wealthy Affiliate 6 months ago when I received my 6 month badge. I started my gardening niche website called "Gardening at the Simongetti North". My website has now 58 posts, with 570 approved comment, (the majority of comments are from all of you here, thank you!). I had completed the Entrepreneur Certification a few months ago. I have not made any income from affiliate marketing as of yet but hopefully when I need it to h
Hi Everyone!I just wanted to give an update since I uploaded my first YouTube video. I am really enjoying making videos but there is a lot to learn. I have been studying on how to start a YouTube channel and Grow a YouTube channel. Like I posted before there are struggles with creating YouTube videos more than creating content on your website. It's easier to correct things or make them better before publishing than with a YouTube video. Making sure the AVLS (Audio, Video, Lighting and Stabi
Hi Everyone,I wanted to update you all on how my first 2 weeks almost 3 weeks of being live on my YouTube channel.First off there is a lot to remember when filming. The first and most important is to research what you are planning to film. How is this video going to help people? I get all of this part.I have been doing a lot of research on creating a YouTube channel and how to try and do everything that is involved, to get people to watch, to stand out and how to make videos that rank, it's
Hi Everyone,I want to thank the people in the WA community who encouraged me to take the YouTube plung last week and encouraged me to start my YouTube channel to go with my Gardening Niche. I researched how to start a YouTube channel and how to create videos for YouTube which are posts on my WA promoted website and now my YouTube channel for Gardening at the Simongetti North that goes with my website!I was pretty nervous about it as I did the video's with no one around but my sheltie's. Most
February 23, 2021
Hi All,I wanted to share a glass of champagne with everyone, I just completed Level 5 Training! I am so excited for this opportunity. I am eager to learn more and take advantage of the additional training opportunities. I like how to set goals and have a plan. What do you all do to keep your content interesting and continuous every week, month and years? Where do you get your inspiration?What are some words of wisdom for someone at the point I am at?Thank you everyone who has helped me thu
February 15, 2021
Hi All,I just completed Level 4! I am very excited to start Level 5! I also joined the Premium plus today to get all the extra benefits. I wanted all the tools at my disposal if I am going to be successful. Thank you all for your help and support thus far in my journey with WA!
February 10, 2021
Hi Everyone,I am 60% complete with Level 4 and learning so much everyday. I have my social media going with a few followers but it is slowly increasing. I have been trying to look at other peoples websites to get ideas and I feel I'm on the right track. I do have a few questions.Can I use a Wealthy Affliate link to earn income?, if I can incorporate it in my website somehow like my about me page, to promote WA? I thought I saw something about it in training but then it goes into writing a W
February 06, 2021
Hi All,Just wanted to celebrate a little for finishing level 3 training and some of my pages are getting indexed on Google! I am excited about this and have so many ideas for my gardening niche. I started a Facebook page as well to try to get people to visit my website but that is slow going too! I have almost 500 followers on my Facebook page but try to get any of them to leave a comment on your posts on my website is a challenge. I keep plugging away at getting more content.Ready to start
January 19, 2021
Hi Everyone,I am just about to finish level 2 of my training. I am very excited to get started. I feel the training is top notch above the other affiliate programs I researched. I also get a sense of family in this community. Everyone is very helpful. As I am still new at this, I appreciate everyone's encouragement. I am a full-time EMR consultant, currently working 40 hours per week and doing this on my down time to get this business started and hopefully retire from the consultant world