I've Come A Long Way

Last Update: January 06, 2015

I was told to write a blog, so here I go... (this is my third blog, by the way)

While I've only been here for a month, I've come quite the distance in regards to my knowledge of internet marketing and my website depth. It's been an awesome ride, and Christ-Like MMA really has come a long way. Pretty soon, it's gonna start snowballing, and I'll see financial success as well as Kingdom-work success! As such, I have some advice for those of you who are doubtful or worried: don't give up, and just trust in God and what He's given you. Seriously, Wealthy Affiliate works, and you have plenty of talents and knowledge that will aid you in YOUR internet marketing journey. Keep it up, and wish me luck (and focus!)

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LisB247 Premium
Hi, I have just visited your site and left a comment. You have progressed very well and your site is looking good.

The theme you have chosen suits your niche. You just need to add pictures and images to your post to make them visually appealing.

I can tell that you are excited about your topic based on the way you bring the interest out in your writing style. Keep up the good work.

ChristianKid Premium
Thank you very much for the encouragement, as well as the tips! And yes, I am quite excited about my topic.