WA Cmpaign 10-12

Last Update: June 12, 2010

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OK, I'm finally catching up on my journal.  I have written 6 articles and another landing page these three days.  I also played 36 holes of golf, so it kept me busy.

I have to admit that I get impatient to see sales start coming in, but at least I have a blue print to follow and I plan on following it.

I would like to add PPC to this campaign, but I have never had success with PPC ever.  I have an account with Google even as we speak and it has about $43 in it.  I set it up for this campaign and everything was approved, but it won't show ads.  It just sits there.  Landing page is 7/10 everything is active and approved, but it won't show ads.

In my opinion Google is the worst company to deal with.  If it wasn't for the fact that they created such a great search engine we'd all slam the door in their face and tell them to get lost.  They are definitely not user friendly and they really could care less about the small guy.  Enough of that rant.

Maybe one day I will find success with PPC

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